RMT members in Leeds stand firm in defence of Guards on trains


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RMT pickets show solidarity with McDonald’s strikers

RMT members were solid in their on going dispute over keeping guards on Arriva Rail North services. Their determination  reinforced by the company refusing to guarantee they would even have a second staff member on train services, let alone sometime with the safety training of a guard.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party 

In relation to these more hardened moods, strikers were also angry at three organised strike breaking attempts of the company. 

Steve Hedley, RMT Assistant Secretary commented “We’re very concerned that managers and other office staff, staff who have no experience of being a guard on the train, are being sent out with a couple of days training and asked to undertake guards duties. We think this is endangering the travelling public.”

The strikers were also welcoming of the news that McDonald’s workers were taking strike action for the first time on 4th September, keen to see efforts to organise those on zero hour contracts and low pay.