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Our slogan ‘Socialist Change to end Climate Change’ was well received by students and workers on the protest – photo Vicky Perrin

Over 5,000 students and workers rallied together in the global day of action against climate change. This was the largest so far in Leeds. Part of reason is the orientation of some of the leadership towards the trade union and labour movement.

Tanis Belsham-Wray, Leeds Socialist Party

Leeds University University and College Union successfully negotiated an additional 30 minutes in order for staff and students to attend the march.

Many workers came on their lunch breaks or took the day of annual leave. Both on an individual level but also by campaigning from the local reps, including the Unison teaching hospital branch.

Many of the strikers knew the role that trade unions can play, especially workers in the key industries like transport and energy. They see the Lucas Aerospace plan and the current Harland and Wolff occupation as an inspiration on what can be achieved.

There was also a lot of support for the Leeds Trade Union Council conference on 19 October on the theme of ‘How can trade unions meet the challenge of climate emergency?’

Socialist Students placards were snapped up by students, with over £70 raised for fighting fund and 17 copies of the Socialist were sold. Both workers and students from local universities and colleges left their details to join Socialist Students and the Socialist Party.

Some of the Socialist Party members taking party in the climate strike in Leeds – photo Iain Dalton