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NSSN banner on the Leeds Unite protest against blacklisting

“End the blacklist, jail the criminals” rang the chant of one construction worker taking part in Unite’s Leeds protest as part of their national day of action against blacklisting on Wednesday 6th December.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

The day of action has been called to coincide with the launch of a new legal challenge into the blacklisting associated with the ‘Consulting Association’, which kept records on thousands of trade union activists to effectively deny them work in the construction sector.

With two employees of Sir Robert McAlpine named in the lawsuit for being chairmen of the Consulting Association, the protest fittingly took place outside one of their sites in Leeds, the former Majestik nightclub.

Unite members were calling for a full enquiry into blacklisting and for blacklisting to become a criminal offence, as well as batting companies who have blacklisted from bidding for public contracts.

Socialist Party members and National Shop Stewards Network supporters joined Unite members on a highly visible protest, with leaflets about the campaign been eagerly snapped up by commuters coming out of the nearby train station.