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Fujitsu workers are continuing their ongoing battle against offshoring, job cuts, attacks on pensions and unequal pay with further strike action. This has included protests outside of events Fujitsu Services Ltd has had a high profile at, including some high profile London events.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

Strikers are angry given these cutbacks come at the same time as Fujitsu’s latest accounts show that it made £85.6m profits in the UK, paid 0% tax on this with one director alone receiving £1.448m.

The series of strikes to far was added to with the latest round of strike action last Thursday and Friday where workers across the country held protests outside nearby Marks and Specners stores, one of the major clients of Fujitsu.

In Leeds, strikers were joined by activists from Unite Community, Socialist Party and others to leaflet customers of Marks and Spencers. Managers and security staff were spotted reading the leaflets and then on the phone – presumably ringing those higher up about the issue, showing that the action was having its intended effect.

The dispute is still ongoing. More information can be found in articles in the Socialist on the strike as well as the strikers website – ouruniontest.wordpress.com