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Socialist Students leads the 'Dump Trump' march in Leeds on Friday evening - photo Iain Dalton

Socialist Students leads the ‘Dump Trump’ march in Leeds on Friday evening – photo Iain Dalton

Last Saturday, as part of a series of global protests against the beginning of Trump’s presidency, around 1,500 people marched and protested through Leeds city centre to show their opposition to his misogynistic stance towards women and xenophobic rhetoric.

James Ellis, Leeds Socialist Party

The march was comprised largely of women but also had support from a diverse mixture of Leeds residents and others from around Yorkshire.

The protest began with a large rally at the bottom of Briggate where the speakers, mostly women, attacked Trump’s disgraceful comments about women and immigrants, and called for people to resist his presidency.

Amy Cousens spoke on behalf of the Socialist Party and made clear the links between support for Trump and the policies of austerity and cuts to public services carried out by the Obama administration.

Amy attacked Clinton, warning against ‘lesser evilism’, and argued that only grassroots working class organisation in America can stop Trump’s pro-billionaire agenda. She put forward that the only way to defend women and immigrant communities is to organise and build a new party of working and middle class people in the US, armed with an openly socialist programme.

On the Friday night, Socialist Party members had been part of a coalition of groups who organised a protest to coincide with the inauguration event itself. Around 100 people marched around Leeds with chants such as “Donald Trump, go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay” amongst others.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

A number of Socialist Party members spoke at the demonstration, highlighting the threat trump poses to LGBT, women’s, migrants and workers rights, but also highlighting the possibilities that exist in the US for a new party of the working class to emerge, and the work of our sister party, Socialist Alternative which is at the forefront of both this and the resistance to Trump’s agenda.