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See below Iain Dalton’s Facebook Status is responce to Tom Watson’s dossier of hard left entryism to support the Corbyn campaign where he is specfically mentioned.


Iain Dalton

Apparently I’m listed in Tom Watson’s trotskyism entrism dossier.

This is in relation to Momentum rallies held in Leeds and York.

In York I simply spoke at the rally when they invited others in Labour movement to do so, explaining that I was also an active trade unionist and would be campaigning for my trade union, where i pay the political levy. To support Corbyn as he best reflects our policies we’ve passed at recent ADM’s including £10 an hour minimum wage, renationalisation of the railways, scrapping zero-hour contracts and more – many of which I’ve spoken on or moved. Unfortunately Corbyn supporters narrowly lost the vote, which Hannett or general secretary held via phone poll I thin deliberately so he could influence individual votes add much as possible. Im aware of 7 of 17 EC members that backed Corbyn (for more see the latest issue of the Activist)

In Leeds then we were in contact with Momentum supporters prior to the rally who were unsure about holding one (the first of two that is). We offered to use of our PA system and other practical assistance to labour party members wanting to oppose the then ‘coup’ attempt. The following day I was contacted by numerous media outlets and whilst some did want to speak to myself and other trade unionists and Corbyn supporters who weren’t Labour Party members, then others wished to be put in contact with Momentum locally which we did do – I fail to see how any of this is sinister or ‘arm-twisting’.

If I’m guilty of anything then it is of that elementary trade union principle – solidarity. If Watson is allowed to witch hunt on that basis then there won’t be much of a Labour Party or indeed labour movement left!

Disappointingly, whilst the majority of Labour Party members welcome this assistance, there is a minority, often people who consider themselves ‘trotskyist’ who have opposed or involvement. I think this is a shame and gives opportunities to those like Watson to make unfounded allegations. This is the opposite of the approach myself and other Socialist Party members adopted in organising the post general election anti-austerity demo last year where the majority of the speakers were others outside our ranks including some now playing important roles in Momentum.

As for the Socialist Party then we’ve always stood for a mass workers party armed with socialist policies which we see as being able to form a parliament for the movement and would advance workers interests as a class. Labour had moved away from this position in the recent past, but what has opened up around Corbyn had begun to push it back in that direction, of the basis on which the labour party was founded of being open to all trends in the labour movement who opposed the attacks on the working class (notably the anti union legislation that culminated in the Taff Vale judgement).

That’s why we’ve said since Corbyn was elected ted that we believe that we should be admitted as an affiliate of an anti-austerity labour party. Instead of the back-room operations of the likes of Watson, we would like to operate in an open and honest fashion. This is one of the things alongside other democratic rights including the return of full policy making to the annual conference, the democratic right to re-select MPs and other things that Corbyn supporters will need to fight for.