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Junior doctors picket line outside St James's Hospital - photo Iain Dalton

Junior doctors picket line outside St James’s Hospital – photo Iain Dalton

Not a single striking junior succor disagreed with the Socialist Party’s call for other NHS unions to coordinate strike action with them at the picket line at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

Many doctors were encouraged by the disarray of the government after IDS training and now Cameron’s involvement in the Panama tax avoidance scandal. As one doctor commented “They look as incompetent on those issues as we know they are in relation to us.”

The doctors were determined to maintain there stand, but a few were worried about maintaining public support when they step up the action later this month to not themselves providing emergency cover (although consultants will still be working and doing so). This shows the vital importance of the trade union movement mobilising is full support behind the junior doctors. This dispute is one that we cannot afford to lose!