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Leeds protest against bombing Syria in Dortmund Square

Leeds protest against bombing Syria in Dortmund Square

On a rainy Thursday evening, 250 people attended a Stop the War demonstration in Dortmund Square against the bombing of Syria.

A Leeds Socialist Party member

There was huge anger at the actions of Leeds Central MP, Hilary Benn, who has acted as a figurehead for those Labour MPs who wanted to support Cameron in bombing Syria. Not least the ridiculous situation where he, as a pro-war MP, summed up for the vast majority of anti-war MPs.

The reaction from the public to the demonstration was generally positive. Although for many people a solution to the situation there is a difficult question, many people commented that none of the previous military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have stopped terrorism, indeed, they have only served to further destablisie the situation in those countries opening the way to those countries fragmentation.

A further protest is planned outside Hilary Benn’s surgery at 11am outside The Vale in Beeston this saturday.