Report of Leeds for Free Education demo last Saturday, which Socialist Party members play a leading role in the campaign

Leeds Socialist Students

Leeds for Free Education demo marches past Leeds University Leeds for Free Education demo marches past Leeds University

100 Leeds students and activists stopped traffic in Leeds city centre on Saturday as we marched for free education.

Amy Cousens, Leeds Beckett Socialist Students President and Leeds Beckett Student’s Union women’s rep.

The beginning rally was kicked off by speakers from GMB trade union, the Green Party, who pledged to support Leeds For Free Education, and a passionate speech from Lily Green, a sixth-form student and Socialist Students national steering committee member.

The attention from the public was fantastic, mostly claps, cheers and showing support. We encountered opposition from two homeless people who were angry that we were not fighting for homes and better pay, but our members discussed with them, and explained that this was not the case. Leeds For Free Education is a campaign fighting tuition fees, but also against the cuts, for fair housing and for fair pay. We stand…

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