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On Saturday, the 30th of May, the Leeds branch of the Socialist Party hosted the New Activists Day School, lasting a few hours which aimed to introduce new members to some basic concepts of socialism, and aid them in spreading socialist ideas. It was attended by a mix of new members, and a few more experienced members who were able to provide additional input to the discussions.

Andrew Saxon, Leeds Socialist Party

It started by establishing the main goals of the Socialist Party, some of it’s history as Militant, and it’s role on the global scale as part of the Committee for a Workers International. This moved on to an introduction to Marxist economic theory, involving topics such as the proletariats’ role in generating capital for the bourgeoisie, defining terms such as modes of production, surplus value, and so on.

The school concluded with a talk on methods of introducing socialism to new people, and creating a socialist influence in demonstrations, strikes, etc,  – using stalls to make a presence in public areas such as town centres, attending strikes to speak with the demonstrators and provide them with information on the socialist potential of trade unions, and perhaps sell a few newspapers to generate money for the party.

This was the first time we’ve run a new activists school in Leeds and there will hopefully be run again is future, as it is highly important to provide every person with relevant information and skills, so they can become valuable members of the party, and of their communities and unions.