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I am Henry Riley, a 20 year old PE student at Leeds Beckett University. I joined the Socialist Party to be part of a real left wing alternative that gives the working class a voice.

The political information we get as a nation from the government through the media is frustrating me more and more, people are led to believe things that are simply not true, Immigration and welfare lies are making the working class fight with one another, while the rich and powerful are laughing as they get stronger and stronger with the wealth gap on course to be bigger than it’s ever been. I fear that the county could regress in terms of attitudes, especially if parties such as UKIP continue to get a strong response from both the rich and working class.

I want to be part of a voice of truth that helps demolish the lies upon lies we are hearing day in day out! I want people to know that cuts are not needed and point their attention to the bankers and big business that are the real ‘scroungers’ who have caused the mess we are in.

I need a way to get through to people that socialism is the only alternative that can stop austerity and poverty, the Socialist Party is that way. It is full of people with great ideas such as affordable housing for all and a living wage of £10 an hour, while treating everyone as an equal, not discriminating against any ethnicity, gender or sexuality. The Socialist Party restores hope in me that there can be change and there can be an equal, fair society, which we will fight for.