Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs & Education

YFJ/Fast Food Rights protest in Leeds Fast Food Rights protest in Leeds

The Leeds branch of Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) has organised a demonstration on the day of the state opening of parliament and the reading of the Queen’s speech – 27th May. On that day the horrors the Conservative government with it’s slim majority have in store for us will be definitively revealed.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs organiser

Already offered up are further anti-union laws restricting the right to strike, limitations to the right to protest, an expansion of workfare aimed at young people, abolition of housing benefit for under 21s, abolition of the Human Rights Act, as well as the £30bn more cuts they pushed a pledge to implement through parliament before the election.

This will be a disaster for working class people – our public services have already been decimated, with closures of libraries, day centres and care homes…

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