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Leeds West TUSC PPC Ben Mayor

Leeds West TUSC PPC Ben Mayor

The last few weeks have seen MP’s pay at the top of the news once more. The revelations of MP’s taking on second jobs offering their ‘services’ to companys wanting to gain influence will have sickened many, almost as much as the revelations around MPs expenses over the past few years.

Ben Mayor, TUSC PPC for Leeds West & Socialist Party member

Tory grandee, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, complained that MP’s basic salary wasn’t enough. Yet their basic salary of £67,000 is far above the wages that most working class people, who make up the majority of the electorate. It is worlds away from the situation facing those coming into the world of work today on zero hour, short hour or temporary contracts.

As a young worker who has spent their time working in factories before my current job as a support worker, I am all too aware of the impact that current government austerity policies are having in our society. These austerity measures are unfortunately being implemented by all of the main parties from National government to local government, leaving us all poorer at the end of the month. There is becoming more and more days at the end of the month that our wages simply do not stretch to.

This makes the simple things in life, that we all enjoy, from having a few drinks to spending time with friends and family so much harder. Instead of worrying about this people are worrying about paying their bills and keeping a roof above their heads. This is not to say that there is not either money or the ability for this not to be the case.

£750bn sits in the bank accounts of the major companies of this country, the banks that we, ordinary people handed over £80bn to save in 2008 are making huge profits again. If we truly live in a free capitalist society then we should be considered share holders who are overdue for our return on our investment.

In reality however this money has been stolen from ordinary people, young people, retired and working and unemployed people. The main parties however are not content with this robbery, they are going about a process of dismantling everything that generations before me built, like the NHS and the welfare state. This is not driven by efficiency, but by a desire to make more money for the 1% and take if from us, the 99%. This is shown by the fact that a recent contracting bid for cancer scanners in the NHS was given, handed to a private company even though if it was done by the NHS is would have been £7m cheaper.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is completely opposed to this, not only that, TUSC would go about democratically nationalising all that has been stolen from working people over the years. We would nationalise the railway industry, the energy industry, kick the private companies out of our public services which we are rely upon everyday, and nationalise the banks. Meaning that we would be able to take our money back and build services which work not only in the best interests of us, the majority who use them everyday but for the environment as well.

TUSC is apologetically pro working class and to this end I, as a working class trade unionist candidate who opposes the destruction of pay, benefits and public services will stand as a workers MP on a workers wage! Taking no more than the average wage in West Leeds, of around £22,000 a year, and giving the rest to strike funds, community campaigns local unions and working class organisations.

I would encourage all of the other political representatives standing in West Leeds to do the same, lets see how many of them accept that challenge!