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Leeds Socialist Students

This article has been written on behalf of Leeds for Free Education to promote the Yorkshire Free Education demonstration being organised on Friday 6th March.

Since the Con-Dem government came to power in 2010, we’ve seen relentless austerity, privatisation, and attacks on public services. One of the hardest hit has been education. Universities have had funding slashed; college students have lost EMA completely.

Mary Finch, Leeds Uni Socialist Students and Leeds For Free Education

Private companies are taking over at all levels of education, providing more and more services that were once public and state-run – not to mention that they’re making tidy profits doing it. They infamously trebled tuition fees to £9,000, despite a huge movement of students against it. 50,000 of us marched on Parliament, demanding that the Lib Dems stay true to their promises, and ensure that fees stayed at £3000.

Even when universities charged £3,000…

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