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Leeds Socialist Students

Front page of Ben's election leaflet Front page of Ben’s election leaflet

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the national union of the student movement in the United Kingdom with affiliates from 600 student unions up and down the country accounting for 95% of student unions in higher and further education, overall representing the interests of 7 million students nationally.

Ben Mayor, Leeds Beckett Socialist Students

The NUS is the mass force in student politics and represents a goliath of potential co-ordinate power from students and young people, organised democratically. Many of whom are young workers as well in order to try and keep pace with the rising cost of tuition fees, rents and the cost of living.

The NUS has in the past, been able to show not only its organisational power but it’s potential political power when they brought together 50,000 students in London in 2010 to demonstrate against the hike in tuition…

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