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SoR pickets outside the Bexley wing at St James' hospital

SoR pickets outside the Bexley wing at St James’ hospital

Hot on the heels of last monday’s strike over the pay freeze in the NHS by a number of unions, was a further 4 hour strike by members of the Society of Radiographers (SoR).

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

The picket lines at St James’ Hospital in Leeds were impressive with around 40 pickets covering both the main entrance and the entrance to the Bexley wing. They were joined by some reps from the Unite and Unison branches at the hospital, who are due to take further action as part of the dispute over pay.

One SoR industrial rep explained to me how radiographers have suffered a 15% pay drop in real terms over the last five years. Another picket commented how she feared for the NHS as a whole as a result of the ongoing cutbacks – although she was nearing retirement, she worried about the quality of service that could be provided on an ever shrinking budget. As she put it “I may retire soon, but just like everyone else, I may need them to look after me in the future.”