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On the 15th July, in the wake of further repression, attacks and encroachments into Palestinian territory an emergency meeting was called by the ‘Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ (http://www.leedspsc.org.uk/) group after a call from the Stop the War Coalition for a national demonstration in London this coming Saturday (19th July).

Ben Mayor, Leeds Socialist Party

Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu and the ruling parties in Israel have highlighted the deaths of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found of 30th of June as an excuse to launch further attacks in Palestine and the Gaza strip. Leading to 75 Palestinians being injured since Monday (14th July), with 11 dying, this fresh onslaught in the long-run and torrid chapter of the Israeli states persistent campaign of imperialism, land grabing of Palestinians land should also be seen within the context of growing discontent and a continued fight back from both Palestinians and Israeli people following far-right Israeli attacks against workers which included the death of Abu-Khdeir on the 2nd of July. In response, joint protests of Jews and Arabs have been held in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa against the attacks and the Israeli government.

In reality, this ‘conflict’ plays a role to cover up and distract attention from the catastrophic policies of the Netanyahu regime as it persistently represents big business, in essence, it struggles to maintain control over the wider discontent in society.

The meeting this Tuesday drew community campaigners and activists as well as community members from across Leeds, the meeting numbering at around 60-70 at its highest point. Leeds Socialist Party members were in attendance at the meeting, highlighting the broader situation in Palestine and the need for joint action across both Israel and Palestine, for a united struggle against the Israeli state and the need for Trade Unions in this country to show solidarity and support with workers organisations across the region. This call was taken up by the chair of the meeting. Socialist Party members also argued for the need for a national demonstration this Saturday, and that the group should organise as such.

Calling for the group of councillors, whom had met prior to this meeting with members of the Muslim community and decided to apply wider pressure to the council to put coaches on for the demonstration. This call was also echoed from the chair, that ‘we need action from councillors, not words, words are cheap’. The meeting democratically voted overwhelmingly for a mobilisation for the national demonstration in London this Saturday, followed by a Leeds demonstration on the Sunday at 1.30pm in Dortmund Square.

Find the event here- https://www.facebook.com/events/685105901560074/

This Saturday presents a real opportunity to apply real pressure to the Israeli embassy and ac in solidarity with others worldwide and the Palestinian people. This demonstration should not be the end however, and people should reconvene for a discussion around how to develop the campaign in the localities of Leeds.