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Leeds Socialist Students

On Tuesday 19th November, Leeds Met Socialist Students hosted a public meeting with Brazilian socialist Paulo Eduardo Gomes (councillor for PSoL in the city of Niteroi near Rio).

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire Socialist Students Organiser

Paulo launched a devastating critique of the driving down of living standards in Brazil, as the benefits of technology have accrued to the capitalists at the expense of workers. He explained how one football stadium had been refitted twice in the past decade, costing $1bn the first time and $2bn the second. On the recent demonstrations he recounted how some protestors had said they would give back ten football stadiums for just one hospital.

Paulo concluded the meeting by explaining that he is an optimist for the future, despite being involved in the building of the PT (Workers Party) which adopted neo-liberal measures when it came to power. He is now being involved in building a…

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