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Unite members protest outside the Rosebowl

Unite members protest outside the Rosebowl

Around 20 members of Unite and supporters protested outside the Rosebowl at Leeds Met University on Thursday 7th March. The focus of our attention was Stephen Moir, Deputy Chief Executive of Yorkshire Ambulence Service Trust, where Unite has recently being derecognised. Laughably, Moir was speaking on ‘The Importance of Employee Engagement’.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

Outside the meeting Unite members distributed a leaflet, highlighting some of the ’48 Laws of Power’ from a book whose author Moir said in a 2003 interview were his ultimate gurus. These include ‘#14 Pose as a friends, work as a spy’, ‘#33 Discover each man’s thumbscrew’ and ‘#42 Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter’ amongst others.

This is not Unite’s only response to this and other attacks, they are also currently balloting members in Yorkshire Ambulence Service  for strike action over plans to introduce emergency care assistants with only 6 weeks training instead of the 2 years that paramedics receive.