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As the attacks on public services continue, our fire services have been decimated. Over the last year, over one thousand fire fighter jobs have been lost nationally, a number equivalent to an entire brigade. West Yorkshire Fire Service has just launched a public consultation over its proposed cuts

Mikey Divers, Leeds North West  Socialist Party

In Leeds, several fire stations have are being proposed to be closed or amalgamated, and the number of available fire engines has been drastically reduced. Not only does this pose a serious risk to society, but it attacks the jobs and families of the fire men and women who work in these stations.

As cuts to the fire service continue, fire stations and the people who work there are being stretched thinner and thinner. Whinmoor fire station for instance, which is based in a built up working class area in the east of the city, would now has to cover an area up to six miles in radius- a fact which clearly puts the people living in the area in very real danger should a fire break out.

As socialists, we demand a complete halt on not only cuts to our fire service, but to all cuts. We fully support the workers in these fire stations, and would urge a mass campaign to be built in West Yorkshire against these dangerous cuts. It is only through organisation and class solidarity that we can protect our public services, and eventually show the ruling classes that our backs will not be broken so easily.