Ryan Preston joined the Socialist Party over two years ago. Since then, he has been involved in several campaigns, including the inspirational Jarrow March, TUSC elections, Leeds Occupy and others. Here he discusses his original reasons for joining the Socialist Party and his reasons for staying active.

Why I joined the Socialist Party – Ryan Preston –

For me joining the party was something that I just sort of slipped in to, I wasn’t very politically aware or very class conscious. A friend of mine at the time had already joined and we were just talking about politics and mostly about Communism and Socialism. I was more than happy to agree with the principles as I always believed in equality. It was shortly after this that I then decided to come to a Socialist Party meeting to learn more about what it is they do. I have to admit I was quite surprised and impressed with the meeting, I expected to find a room full of old men all talking about Russia and Stalin.

What I found instead was a group of dedicated people who to this day are still determined to fight for equality. I joined up at my next meeting and I’m quite happy to say it was the best decision I have ever made.

I have learned more in the few years I’ve been in the party than throughout my entire school education, I now have the confidence to speak clearly and to a large audience and also know that whatever campaigns I’m currently interested in and working on that I’ve got a group of people who are there to support me but not just in any political struggle but with any other issues I have as well. So for anyone who has ever thought about getting involved in a serious and determined political organisation, hurry up and join us as you don’t realise what you’re missing.