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The Socialist Party members across the Leeds branches gathered together on the 18th June for a meeting on Building the Party and the lessons from Militant, with Kevin Pattison speaking.  With the austerity measures biting and political uprisings springing up across the globe, it is important to respond to the rising tempo of struggle.

Tanis Belsham-Wray

The leadoff and discussion following it focused on the role that the party can play in intervening in movements and helping them to develop as well as linking in the importance of political discussion and education to help develop our understanding. It is important to use theoretical knowledge and lessons of the past to help develop new ideas and perspectives to help bring the movement forward.  It was stressed of the importance of experience and knowledge to help develop cadre, or ‘comrades with confidence’, as well as more practical ways of achieving this. We also discussed the role of organisations such as the NSSN (National Shop Stewards Network) and YFJ (Youth Fight for Jobs) on putting pressure on the unions to fight back against the austerity measures.

After the discussion, there were two separate commissions on recruiting people to the party and on the role of our paper, the Socialist. The evening was informative in highlighting the struggles today and how we can use past struggles to help move the struggles forward. It was an informative evening, where we went away inspired to help develop both the party, and the struggles we are involved with, armed with the practical ideas to do so.