On Thursday 19th April, the Socialist Party held a public meeting to promote the candidancy of Steve Hobson in the upcoming council elections. Steve is standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, alongside 3 other candidates in Leeds and well over a hundred across the country including RMT President Alex Gordon, Socialist Party councillor and fromer MP Dave Nellist and others.

Armley Socialist Party members

Steve was the first to speak introducing himself as a candidate and putting forward the need for a socialist alternative to the main parties. He was followed by Nial Vivian, one of those who took part in last years Jarrow March for Jobs 2011 who highlighted the sky-high levels of youth unemployment and the disasterous solutions being put forward by the government to deal with this including slave-labour workfare schemes.

The final speaker was Manny Dominguez, who highlighted the savage cuts being made by the Labour-run Leeds City Council, and how it affects the service he works in. He went on to explain how a fightback is brewing amongst UNISON members and how the recent pensions dispute, despite being sold out by UNISON’s right-wing leadership, has helped galvanise members for further struggles. The discussion was wide ranging from discussing the environment to where funds could come from to provide decent public services for all.

The meeting saw 3 people attend their first Socialist Party meeting, with lots of interest in coming to more and joining the party. This was the first meeting we’ve held in Armley and follows our succesful campaigning on Town St over the past few weeks as well as door-to-door campaigning. Whatever the result of the elections, we fully intend to fully this up with regular campaigning in Armley and further Socialist Party meetings in the area.