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IT Services company CSC is currently threatening compulsory redundancies for hundreds of workers after cuts backs on a government contract (the Lorenzo contract to deliver a national NHS records system). I spoke to several workers outside the Leeds office of CSC.


Iain Dalton


Over 400 CSC workers nationally are threatened with compulsory redundancy, despite there being large numbers of people at the company who have applied for voluntary redundancy and have been rejected. Originally the company was looking for 460 voluntary redundancies out of 1700 workers on NHS contracted work.


One worker explained how he was planning on leaving soon anyway, so it didn’t make sense why they wouldn’t replace him now with someone from the Lorenzo contract rather than having to train someone else up new. As one worker threatened with compulsory redundancy pointed out, my skills are directly transferable to several other people who have had compulsory redundancy applications rejected.


“They said it wasn’t about cost”, said one of the workers who’d applied for voluntary redundancy, “but there are 32 people that have been issued with compulsory redundancy notices who have the same skill set as me, so why else are they not letting me go.”