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Steve campaigning in Armley

Steve Hobson is the TUSC candidate for Armley ward this year. He has campaigned on many issues surrounding anti-cuts and international relations for a socialist world. Steve believes in fighting for a world based on need not greed and as such has written the following articles on why he is standing against all cuts in the Armley area:

Steve Hobson, Leeds City Socialist Party

I am standing on a no cuts platform for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. I was born in the Holmfirth area of Huddersfield and have lived in Leeds for about 18 months. I have a background working within the manufacturing and engineering industry in my early working life, until the disastrous economic policies of Thatcherism led to the slump in manufacturing in the 80s. I have done various jobs in recent years including labouring and working in the car industry at Vauxhall motors Luton.

In recent years I have been working as a taxi driver within Kirklees. I have always been a strong supporter of traditional labour principles before the onset of New Labour, who abandoned traditional labour policies in favour of the free market. The national debt was not created by the working class but by the banks and tax evasion of the super rich elite. I support a centrally planned economy, not the free market, which operates for the benefit of huge corporations. A redistribution of wealth is needed to bring demand back into the economy. I look forward to your support.

Steve works tirelessly with the Socialist Party, and in support of Youth Fight for Jobs and the National Shop Stewards Network to achieve these things. He is now standing as part of TUSC to see these things achieved and to provide a genuine alternative to the cuts that will benefit everyone and not just the super rich elite.