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New female comrades made up the majority fo the attendees at the day school

On the 3rd March, Socialist Party members and supporters from around Yorkshire met in Leeds for a successful and well attended day school to mark International Women’s Day (which will be on Thursday 8th March).

A Socialist Women activist from Leeds

Sarah Wrack outlined the ideological attacks on women from the Condem government and how the cuts will disproportionately affect women, but pointed to the revival of feminist movements and the huge numbers of women taking part in the N30 strike as evidence that this won’t take place without a fight.

Alicia Blackett spoke on Women and the family, tracing the development of the family as an economic and social institution and how the oppression of women is rooted in class society.

All those who attended the day school left with a sense of purpose and developed ideas on how the liberation of women can be achieved through the socialist transformation of society.