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Sparks block the road outside Morrisons HQ

Over 50 rank and file sparks and their supporters held a protest outside Morrisons Headquarters in Bradford on Wednesday 22nd February. The protest is part of the continuing electricians dispute with 7 major construction attempting to impose new BESNA contracts on the workforce which could lead to cuts in pay of upto 35%.

Leeds & Bradford Socialist Party reporters

The sparks have targetted Morrisons because of the large contract the company has signed with NG Baileys, one of the ‘dirty 7’, to refit a large number of their stores. Protests also took place at the weekend outside a large number of Morrisons stores.

Soon after arriving, the sparks moved into the middle of the entrance gate to the building, causing massive tailbacks to traffic – some reported as far back as the M62. The tailbacks meant that both the police, and the main union official supporting the protest took upto half an hour to reach it.

When told by police officers that they couldn’t stand blocking the road, the sparks decided instead to just repeatedly cross back and forth across the road – which also helped warm protestors us in cold and driving rain that was coming down. The protest finished around nine with a short rousing rally declaring that the sparks are gonna keep fighting to see the end of BESNA, but that the fight needs to be extended to fight for unionisation and decent terms and conditions throughout the whole industry.