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Despite the snow 70 people participated in the conference

The Yorkshire Socialist Party regional conference and organisers’ school on 4-5 February was attended by 70 people, ranging from participants in the Occupy movement to a former member of the Trade Union Congress general council!

Chaz Lockett, Sheffield City Socialist Party

Dave Griffiths, secretary for West Midlands Socialist Party, introduced the conference by covering the roots of the 2008 financial crisis, its continuing repercussions, the eurocrisis, a prolonged period of capitalist stagnation or depression, as well as prospects for the fightback by the workers’ movement.

After a lively discussion, we broke up into commissions on the eurozone, Labour and the need for a new workers’ party, challenging the farright, and the trade union struggle. Saturday closed with a discussion on building the Socialist Party in Yorkshire, introduced by Yorkshire secretary Alistair Tice. As well as discussing how to attract new members, the session also looked at Marxist education. The finance collection raised £350.

Sunday’s organisers’ school started with North West Socialist Party secretary Hugh Caffrey introducing a discussion on building a revolutionary party within the context of 21st century capitalism. This was followed by a series of workshops on party building.

Socialist Party members left the conference with confidence that we can build the party in Yorkshire, while playing a leading role in the struggle against austerity.