A row in the ranks of the Tory Party threatens an even greater destabilisation of the coalition government than when 81 Tory MPs voted against the government on the issue of a referendum on Europe. The deeply homophobic Tory right-wing is reported to be planning a major back-bench rebellion against the Prime Minister’s proposal to give gay and lesbian couples the choice to have the same legal rights as married heterosexual couples. The Lib Dems are likely to back the Prime Minister over the issue.

Dave Younger

Such a scenario was predicted at the Socialism 2011 LGBT rights commission last November. The story is now being taken up by the capitalist press. The Socialist Party supports equal rights for same-sex couples, whether they wish to marry or not. We also, however, welcome the weakening of a party which is homophobic, sexist and anti-working-class.

Homophobia is often used by the capitalist class to divide working people. In this instance homophobia is acting to divide a captialist government. LGBT reforms in themselves do not solve the problems of homophobia and transphobia, because such prejudices are tools of the capitalist class. True sexual liberation can only achieved on the basis of socialism. If same-sex marriage legislation proves to be a stumbling block for the Tories, the majority of LGBTQIA people will be happy to see them stumble.