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Socialist Party members holding our banner for the march

Over 50 people took part in Leeds Slutwalk to protest against the false view that rape is partly the fault of the victim who’s been raped just because of the way they dress. This follows from other slutwalk protest happening across the globe, from Toronto to London and elsewhere in the UK.

Tanis Belsham-Wray, Leeds Trinity Union Women’s Officer (personal capacity)

People gathered outside Leeds art gallery and the crowd was addressed with a speech about the amount of cases of sexual harassment in Yorkshire and the prevalence attitude that rape is the fault of the woman and the clothing she is wearing. The protesters, both old and young, men and women, carrying placards like “It’s a dress, not a yes” and “Feminism isn’t dead”.  We marched through the streets of Leeds making sure our voices were heard with the chant, ‘Whatever we wear, wherever we go. Yes means yes and no means no!’

The march ended at Leeds Unity Day Fair, which is a community event initiated after the riots in Hyde Park in 1995. The Slutwalks have brought together men and women in order to bring down the false opinion on rape that has been shown in the media in the last few months. Unity is needed with both students and workers, young and old to help build and fight against not just oppression but the capitalist system that allows it to happen.