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Members of the Socialist Party in Leeds and Bradford held a successful
stall at Bradford Pride where we got a great response from a very
mixed crowd of people. We talked with local people about how the spending cuts
will disproportionately effect LGBTQ people and how the government is
scape-goating this section of society in order to divide opposition to its
disastrous economic policies.

Afterwards we held a Yorkshire Socialist Party LGBTQ caucus where we
planned similar interventions in at least half a dozen towns and cities across
the region, as well as public meetings in our three Leeds branches during the
week of Leeds Pride.

The following day members of the Yorkshire regional committee agreed to help
us with these plans by assisting us in holding Pride stalls in their local areas
with the materials we will be designing. This means that the region is
well-placed to have an even better intervention into LGBTQ Pride events than the
success we had last year.