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On Monday 9th May, around 17 people attended the launch meeting of Headingley Against the Cuts at the HEART centre in Headingley. The meeting came after activists from Leeds Against the Cuts had done several stalls in Headingley, as well as the Socialist Party’s own regular stalls and contesting the Headingley ward in the local elections as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

A Hyde Park & Headingley Socialist Party member

Socialist Party member Iain Dalton, spoke first at the meeting introducing the background to the cuts and also how Leeds Against the Cuts was established, before Chris Close explained about the cuts that are known about in Leeds. Then floor was then opened to discuss what campaigning work could be done in Headingley to oppose the cuts.

Two main areas of concern predominated. Firstly the attacks on the NHS that the government is making through the Lansley bill which would mean in effect the privatisation of the NHS, and secondly the plans to turn several Leeds schools into academies, possibly including nearby Lawnswood school.

The meeting resolved to organise a lobby of Greg Mulholland, the local Lib Dem MP when he is next at his Headingley surgery, and also to organise a public meeting in the near future to publicise what is happening with the plans around academies and help organise mass opposition to it like what happened in Kirklees recently.