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On Wednesday 27th April, Horsforth TUSC held a public meeting as part of Andy Smith’s campaign in Horsforth ward. The meeting was held in Yarnbury RFC, with 17 people attending the meeting including Socialist Party members and local residents.

Tanis Belsham-Wray, Aireborough & Horsforth Socialist Party

The meeting was chaired by Zach Cotter, who introduced Ian Pattison as the first speaker. Ian gave an informative speech on the Headingly campaign and the general anti-cuts movement so far. Including George Osborne’s £6bn spending cuts and how vital resources to the community are being scrapped, for example, Leeds Crisis centre.

Andy Smith followed Ian to give an invigorating speech on the importance of TUSC and why he decided to stand. He expressed the growing desire from the community for a worker’s party and a candidate who will stand for the community’s interest and to stand firm and oppose all the cuts and protect the services that so many people rely on.  

The floor was then opened up for a lively discussion. It started with a query on the AV referendum, where there was a discussion on different views on the referendum and the need for proportional representation and how what grates people far more than the voting system is that many politicians are interested far more in their own careers and racking up expenses than the needs of the people they are elected to serve.

One member of the public asked what role TUSC could play in bringing about a new workers party. This resulted in an intense debate on the role of TUSC and how it can work as a platform for different political groups and candidates who all stand on an anti-cuts slate.

Overall, the meeting was very informative and had a positive vibe, leaving people with a greater knowledge of what TUSC is about and how this campaign can help build towards a strengthening Horsforth Against the Cuts and the wider anti-cuts movement, which will be needed for the struggles ahead.