The Socialist Party’s Yorkshire region held its first LGBTQ day school in Leeds with 17 people in attendance from across the region, part of a series of events for LGBTQ History Month. Greg Randall, convener for the party’s national LGBT group, which holds its caucus in London in March, spoke on the history of LGBTQ struggle. Dave Younger, LGBTQ organiser for Leeds district, conducted an educational session on Marxism and Queer Theory. Steve Williams from Doncaster branch spoke on the effects of public spending cuts on LGBTQ people across the UK.

Another key part of the discussion was the alarming rise of homophobic and transphobic attacks regionally, nationally and internationally despite the gains made by LGBT reformism in recent years, and the need to provide a political alternative for LGBTQ people in line with the ideas of revolutionary socialism.

Other events planned for LGBT History Month are a discussion on transgender liberation at Leeds City branch, a session on Marxism and Queer Theory at Hull branch, discussions on the international situation for LGBTQ struggles to be held at the two Socialist Student branches in the city, and a regional caucus to discuss intervention into upcoming Pride events across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in 2011

Dave Younger Leeds Socialist Party