On Tuesday 8th february, active socialists from around Leeds attended the Leeds Socialist Party District Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss the struggle for socialism around the world and the way forward for the Socialist Party in Leeds.

Reflecting the growth of the Socialist Party in Leeds, 15 people present hadn’t been members of the Socialist Party a year ago. Steve Score, East Midland Regional Organiser of the Socialist Party and delegate to the CWI World Congress spoke. The CWI is the Committee for a Workers International, the international the Socialist Party is a part of.

Capitalism has long told us that revolution is off the table, and that the ideas of socialism and Marxism are dead. The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have shown this to be false. While the mass movements in the Middle East and North Africa have been inspiring, they lack a working class alternative and a revolutionary party that is essential to take the revolution forward. Across the world the consequences of economic collapse are still developing, and working class people are being forced to foot the bill for the failure of capitalism. If exploitation is international, then the workers movement against it must be international as well. There isn’t a single regime in the world that doesn’t feel the hot breath of the working class.

In the next few weeks and months Leeds Socialist Party will help build Leeds Against the Cuts and the movement against all cuts in jobs and services.  Leeds Socialist Party members will support Leeds Unison in their dispute as Leeds City Labour Council attempt to force through 3,000 redundancies. Leeds University Socialist Students and Leeds Trinity Socialist Students will stand as part of anti-cuts slates in the student union elections, as well as building for student strikes when it’s likely the UCU (lecturers’ trade union) strike in March. On Wednesday 23rd February students will unite with workers for a lobby of Leeds City Labour Council. Leeds Labour City Council will attempt to force through Con-Dem cuts on to ordinary working people, and we’ll be demanding they implement no cuts whatsoever. The AGM also elected a new district leadership to help develop Leeds Socialist Party’s youth, women, LGBTQ, and trade union work.

Ian Pattison, Leeds District Socialist Party, Youth Organiser