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Around 200 people, mostly of middle eastern heritage turned up on Saturday 5th February to show support for the ongoing revolt in Egypt. As well as some professionally produced placards with vague slogans calling for freedom for Egypt (presumably from the Mubarak dictatorship), there were more radical hand-made ones. Several called for ‘Mubarak Go Now’ with another saying ‘We Are All Egypt, We Are All Revolutionaries’.

One linked the struggles there with those in Britain showing pictures of Mubarak side by side with previous British Prime Ministers who had supported him, both Tory and Labour. After the main protest ended, many young protestors gathered to chant slogans calling for the end of the Mubarak regime. One young woman told the socialist, “We wanted to chant slogans telling Mubarak out now, but we’re being told we have to be polite and chant for freedom. But for that to happen Mubarak must go.”
a Leeds Socialist Party member